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Why People Love Himachal Pradesh Top Tourist Destinations


Himachal simply means snow covered province. it’s also known as “abode of god”. It‘s a state of republic of India. As its lies on the northern part of India. you can add here current scenario.

History :-

Himachal pradesh came into existence on 15 April 1948 . It was made by integrating 26 hill state and 4  Punjab hill states. Sh. Nc mehta was first chief commissioner of Himachal. because it was a centrally administer chief commissioner’s province on April 1948 . Himachal got on 19 on January 25 -1971 full flagged state of India, becoming 18 state of republic of India. Area wise its become 14th state of India. Ys parmar was the fist chief minister of Himachal Pradesh & s chakrawati was the first governor of H.P.

Typography :-

As already said it’s a snow cover province. The height of Himachal Pardesh from sea level various brma 350 mtr to 1025m about 40% area of this province covered with snow throughout the year . Its lies between 30 degree 22” to 33 deg 12” northern latitude & 75 degree to 79 degree 4” east longitude. Total area of h.p is 55673 km. it is place where five rivers flow. All over the world , tourist came here for viewing its enchanting beauty.

Himachal is one of important place to finding nature spirituality. If you’re feeling a loneliness in your life you may need to feed your spiritual.Basic people needs are generic and people nature is the same all around the world. People act and react by the same standards. The perfect time to visit Himachal is in winter and the mid of summer. Here is distinctive climate and culture which make millions of people fly to this place. Learn 30 tourist places and attractions in Himachal Pradesh.


Real Heaven Places In Himachal Pradesh

India has always attracted tourists with its immaculate beauty, unexplored traditions and incredible attractions. In this country full of States where they want to go. Himachal Pradesh is one of such place in India. The state starts at the border with Punjab from the foot of Siwalik and extends to the border of Ladakh and Tibet to the Zanskar range. Capital Shimla was the summer residence and has been known since the time of British rule (Raj). It is popular among travellers.

If you translate from Hindi, “chemical” is “land of snowy mountains”. This place is magnificent peaks, beautiful valleys and fascinating culture, absorbed the traditions of the Hindus and Tibetans. Since ancient times Chemical called the place where the gods live. Walking through the attractions of the state, will start from Shimla – capital of Himachal Pradesh. Capital Shimla is situated at altitude you above sea level, surrounded by the famous Himalayan forests with unusually pure and clear air.

There are Himalayan spruce, rhododendrons, oaks, pines, wild flowers and herbs. In the forest inhabited by different animals (deer, jackals), including predatory (sometimes you can meet and leopard). In addition to the animals of the forest filled with numerous birds, from which you can select pheasants and Himalayan eagles. In 1864 it was the summer residence of British India.

The Rewalsar Lake is the main place of pilgrimage for both Buddhists and Hindus, on the banks of which built several monasteries. In Shimla there is one Christian Church – the Church of Christ. On top of a mountain cave with a statue of the teacher Padmasambhava, where Padmasambhava spent his days in meditation. The road is strewn with flags with prayers, and embossed on the rock mantra (sacred hymn). In Himachal Pradesh one of the most interesting excursions, this trip to the “toy train”, which will direct you from Kalka to Shimla. During the journey you will be able to enjoy all the splendour of scenic spots, natural beauty. The train takes about 35 minutes at low speed along the rocky cliffs, forests. For extreme tourism are encouraged Cycling 4 complexity in the Indian Himalayas. During the hike you will encounter difficulties, danger, but at the same time, learn much of the history of India, get acquainted with the life of mountain people and enjoy the beauty and nature of the mountain route. Whichever our you choose, go into it is necessary with a guide.

This is a favourite place for Indian honeymooners, where they are not only come in search of romance, but for a real Indian “exotic” – snow (mountain passes), cool mountain and pine trees. Tourists from other countries are attracted to the mystical beauty in combination with the unique flavour of the local lifestyle and excellent opportunities to practice adventure activities – paragliding, trekking, rafting, fishing, and zorbing. Fans of esotericism and adventure visit Lahaul and the mystical desert of Spiti, the adherents of Buddhism are definitely in the Kangra valley, where there are monasteries main schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Ancient monasteries and temples, unique nature, mountain beauty, unique culture and taste of real adventure – the components of a unique cocktail called the Himachal Pradesh!

Top Tourist Destination Place in Mandi

Mandi is one of the central districts of Himachal Pradesh state in northern India. Mandi is a greatest place and it is one of the most brilliant expresses of Himachal. It has been a around the globe well-known tourism and holiday destination location in Himachal. It is a legendary and one of the most wonderful places in Himachal Pradesh. The major tourist attraction destination place in Mandi unlimited natural beauty.

Mandi, Himachal Pradesh is peppered using the awesome landscape that is a imagine everyone. People planning vacations in Himachal Pradesh will come across numerous tourist destinations in Himachal. Few popular places are in Himachal like –  Manali, Shimla, Mandi, Chamba, Dharamshala, Dalhousie or Khajjiar etc. If you are planning a trip to Mandi, Himachal Pradesh with family or friends or you are going there on a honeymoon, this is beautiful tourist vacation destination. This beautiful tourist destination attracts many tourists every year.

There are lot of places in Mandi that increase its overall natural beauty attraction. The main tourist attraction places in Mandi they are:

barot valley himachal pradeshbarot valley himachal pradesh

  • Barot Valley: It’s a one of the most graceful & picnic spot in Mandi district. This is a marvelous place for people who love fishing & nature. It is situated 40 km from Jogindernagar and 66 km from Mandi district.
  • Prashar Lake: A great pilgrimage place in Dev Bhoomi Himachal. While going to Mandi there was a place prashar lake. A natural beautiful lake 45 km far from mandi.
  • Rewalsar Lake: It is an important pilgrimage place in mandi. Rewalsar lake is known for its floating island. Rewalsar lake is existing 22km from Mandi. This lake is known as three Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Shiva and to the sage Lomas.
  • Kamrunag Lake: After Prashar Lake and Rewalsar lake it is another most famous holy lake in Mandi distt. Dev Kamrunag is a famous as a weather god of Seraj valley. It’s situated 20 kms from Sundernagar and 45 kms Mandi.
  • Shikari Devi Temple: Mandi in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 2850 meters, making Shikari Devi temple still remains a mystery to the people. It’s said that over the place on the sage Markandeya meditated here, then Maa Durga appeared here.
  • Jai Dev Pashakot: The famous temple of Jai Dev Pashakot chauhar valley is located at 31 km from Joginder Nagar and 55 km from Mandi.

In Mandi here is more famous place you can see like as Triloknath Temple, Panchvaktra Temple, Mahunag Temple, Bhima Kaali Temple Mandi, Karsog, Tatta Pani, Joginder Nagar, Jai Dev Hurang Naryan and Himari ganga Dyana Park etc.

Himari Ganga a Religious Place of Mandi Distt in Himachal Pradesh.

Himari Ganga is also famous for the Local Fair, A fair held for one day in the month of September every year.It is situated Padhar Tehsil and 9 kilometers from Padhar. The climate of Himari Ganga is composite having hot summers and cold winters. Many People visit on this time in this place. Himari Ganga Under the Gram Panchayat Siun. People of Himari Ganga are informally called Mandyalis. Mandeali language is generally used at a local level for communication.Himari Ganga

Himari Ganga is also a symbol of natural beauty which is overlooked by snow-draped peaks and is situated on the highest place of Padhar and Mandi District. Himari Ganga, you can see a slice of the distant snow-capped peaks in this place. Those who love nature and enjoy exploring exotic avenues which are eternally blessed with extreme of natural beauty must visit Himari Ganga in Mandi Distt, Himachal Pradesh of India. The best time to visit is April to September. There are guest houses of Dayna Park you can stay here.

Journey start from Mandi, going through Mandi-Pathankot national highway, Bijani village And then Drang station where is Indian Salt Resource, Drang is the very beautiful place. After Drang, you will reach at Narla the main village in this valley. Himari Ganga is still 12 Km from this point. Narla is also a famous place for tea point and Religious place. To view narla like Gupt Ganga, fresh water falls. Gupt Ganga can be approached by road. You can take a dip in the chilly water of fall. Hanuman Temple, Vaishno Devi Temple and GDC collage Narla etc. and Next Place is Padhar, Padhar Is Main Town Or Tahsil of Mandi District in Himachal Pradesh, India. you can Start Himari Ganga from Himari Ganga Padhar Dayna Park Road Near SBI Bank. Padhar Himari Ganga Distance for 9km.

If you are visiting Padhar Mandi first time, there are some very popular Place which you must not miss. They include:-

Interested Place Around Himari Ganga:-

Dayna Park:-

Dayna Park is a picnic spot and tourist location in Mandi district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Dayna Park Most Beautiful Hill Spot. This Place is situated 10km for Padhar, 1Km for Himari Ganga and 40 km of Mandi Distt. Dayna Park is a  highest place of Padhar and Mandi District. You can see many slice of the distant snow capped peaks in this place.

Hurang Narayan temple:-

Dev Hurang Narayan temple is Most Beautiful Temple of Mandi Distt. Hurang Narayan temple is a chef temple of the village. This Place is situated Chuhar Valley. which is 20-25 kilometers of Himari Ganga. Hurang is actually name of the village and Dev Narayan is the theocratic ruler of that village.

Dev Sutradhari Temple:-

Dev Sutradhari Temple is another beutiful Religious place. This Place also famous for local fair. The fair held for after five year. the fair organised by local community, Gryam Panchyat  and Dev Hurang Narayan.

Barot valley:-

Another important sight in this place is the Joginder Nagar power station. Barot valley is a wonderful location which provides enormous opportunities of angling, fishing and trekking, Barot became a hiving center of tourism in recent years.

Prashar Lake:-

Prashar Lake lies 45 km north of Himari Ganga. The lake is located at a height of 2730 m above sea level. Every year in the month of June, famous traditional fair is held here.