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Why People Love Himachal Pradesh Top Tourist Destinations


Himachal simply means snow covered province. it’s also known as “abode of god”. It‘s a state of republic of India. As its lies on the northern part of India. you can add here current scenario.

History :-

Himachal pradesh came into existence on 15 April 1948 . It was made by integrating 26 hill state and 4  Punjab hill states. Sh. Nc mehta was first chief commissioner of Himachal. because it was a centrally administer chief commissioner’s province on April 1948 . Himachal got on 19 on January 25 -1971 full flagged state of India, becoming 18 state of republic of India. Area wise its become 14th state of India. Ys parmar was the fist chief minister of Himachal Pradesh & s chakrawati was the first governor of H.P.

Typography :-

As already said it’s a snow cover province. The height of Himachal Pardesh from sea level various brma 350 mtr to 1025m about 40% area of this province covered with snow throughout the year . Its lies between 30 degree 22” to 33 deg 12” northern latitude & 75 degree to 79 degree 4” east longitude. Total area of h.p is 55673 km. it is place where five rivers flow. All over the world , tourist came here for viewing its enchanting beauty.

Himachal is one of important place to finding nature spirituality. If you’re feeling a loneliness in your life you may need to feed your spiritual.Basic people needs are generic and people nature is the same all around the world. People act and react by the same standards. The perfect time to visit Himachal is in winter and the mid of summer. Here is distinctive climate and culture which make millions of people fly to this place. Learn 30 tourist places and attractions in Himachal Pradesh.


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